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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 11, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the democratic race is a frantic struggle to destroy bernie sanders supporters. the overview, the best we have come up bret and martha to kick off the fox news coverage. >> bret: are right, tucker think you. >> martha: thank you, tech rate is 8:00 in new hampshire the last of the polls. and now can report that bernie sanders is enjoying an early lead over rival pete buttigieg and currently in second place. and a lady searching amy klobuchar is in third. >> bret: enclosing me neither joe biden nor elizabeth warn boys to finish in the top three. let me say that again, biden and warren not appearing to be in the top three according to fox news decision desk although most of the vote is not counted. the numbers can change come obviously but we take the raw vote total that we are seeing, edit to the fox news analysis and putting together the decision task sees, which is pretty remarkable if you think about elizabeth warren not
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finishing in the top two. >> martha: elizabeth warren has to say what happened? next door neighbor new hampshire and amy klobuchar has screened by her in the fast lane over the last four days since that debate as people are scrambling to look, i think come alternatives it appears warren and biden. >> bret: what is nicest to see numbers populating on the screen and the boats actually coming in. over time, we will get more of this vote and we will get a better picture of the race and likely fox news decision desk will be able to make a call. bernie sanders feels like he will have a very good night. amy klobuchar seems like a big story right now. >> martha: absolutely. bernie sanders, as you say having a good night. since last time so we will see how it goes as we get more numbers end. >> bret: tucker. >> tucker: amazing, joe biden not in the top four. thank you so much and we will come back when it is time to call that race which could be soon. whatever happens in new hampshire, the struggle continues and will continue for
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control of the democratic party. that is really what is at stake, were of two groups, the bernie sanders campaign versus the democratic establishment, washington and operatives in the media. first among equals in the lateral group, cnn, not only the entire programming schedule to stop bernie sanders but also used officially sanctioned democratic debate as well. you were well member this sandbag as well. >> governor sanders, i do want to be clear here. you are saying that you never told senator warren that a woman could not win the election. >> that is correct. >> senator warren what did you think when senators told you that a woman could not win the election? [laughter] >> i disagreed. >> tucker: if you are wondering why bernie sanders appears to be in first place tonight, that is part of the reason. it didn't work, needless to say. don lemon an important intellectual does not have to have motor skills to pull off a political hit. subtly not and the vocabulary.
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voters immediately knew what was going on and jeff zucker was doing the bidding of his bosses. and found it revolting even people who wouldn't vote for bernie sanders at gunpoint thought that debate was grotesquely unfair because it was grotesquely unfair. so in the end, just as impeachment help donald trump being attacked by the flunkies on cnn helped bernie sanders. the oblivious me to get going. bolstering the campaign of a man they hate by leveling transparency, absurd attacks against him. does that sound familiar to you? and the parallel of 2016 could get clearer, here they are calling sanders a sexist. >> the ongoing feeling among many women, especially clinton supporters, that sanders supporters, as they were cold, misogynist or bullying tactics. >> bernie climbed into this race as a legacy, and they were known to be horrible to women.
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the bernie bros come again, pretty obnoxious and very sexisd misogynist. he never took on the bernie burroughs and said let's calm down a bit. >> there was a lot of pain left over from what happened with hillary clinton. a lot of people who feel like bernie's campaign was underlined from a lot of underlying sexism going on. that bernie breaux mob on twitter is not a fun place to live. it's just not. >> tucker: you have to thank heaven for cable news in a moment like this. record data, coronavirus, woken estimates not easy to laugh right now but the moments like you so make it possible. an employee of nbc news lecturing americans about toxic, sexist environments? the harvey weinstein channel and feminists, this is to go to. apparently they were not kidding but whatever we will take it. they did not stop there, in addition to everything else must sanders voters may be nazis. >> i want to bring up something that jonathan put in the
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bulletin today about how in route we have been on the receiving end of the bernie online brigade. he said no other candidate like a digital brigade. except for donald trump. the question no one is asking is this, what if you can't win the presidency without an online mob? >> tucker: i want to pause right now and say come it just crossed right now that andrew yang who ran unconventional and really most interesting campaign has announced that he is dropping out tonight before about 5 minutes after the polls have closed. apparently, he knows he won't do well. perhaps he has other reasons. we will have certainly. one thing, andrew yang will be out of the race and that will be a disappointment to a fairly vigorous online movement, the yang gang. and the best that we can report, it seems likely they will not go to joe biden if you had to gue
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guess. but as we said, and as we think will become much clearer very soon when we get the actual results, bernie sanders likely to win tonight. take three steps back. would you have expected that two years ago? would you expect that three months ago when bernie sanders had his heart attack? probably not. why is he winning? one of the reasons is the attacks he has received from the media, including the one you just saw. they are calling him a nazi. and msnbc, no clue which means stop working in the media. in new hampshire though, the states whose results we are about to get democratic voters to an understandable conclusion. if the press hates but bernie sanders so much, there must be something good about bernie sanders. >> what about over here? who did you vote for? >> why you voted for vernie doe mcburney. the reason i went for bernie is because of msnbc.
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the stop bernie cynicism that i heard from a number of people. i watch msnbc constantly, so i heard that from a number of commentators. that made me angry enough, okay, bernie has my vote. >> tucker: exactly. maybe you felt this way. whatever the cable news yet purse are against, i am poor. for years the washington press corps has attacked donald trump for inciting hayes hate against the media. hating the media has pretty much the only thing that all americans still have in common at this point. democrat and republican, socialist unites us as a nation and by the way, it is well-deserved, not accidental. they are dishonest and self-righteous at the same time. don't try that at home, it is hard but they pulled that that off. trumpian sanders don't pause that hatred but just take advantage of it and why wouldn't they. and so now the votes been counted the democratic establishment use the final and desperate phase of their response to sanders, lying about what tonight's results mean.
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so this morning the dnc's payroll, i don't think it was disclosed to viewers but she has explains it bernie sanders wins new hampshire you should not be impressed by the victory. she speaking to democrats, a child could win new hampshire. the real here, she said, the thing you want to be celebrating is the potential third-place victory by amy klobuchar, watch. >> the real thing i'm looking for tonight is that key third-place finish. and this will be a huge, huge victory for amy. i would almost argue third-place finish frame he would be stronger and more important than first-place finish for bernie. >> tucker: [laughter] yeah, that key third-place finish. in fact a third-place finish is much more important than a first-place victory because it is. don't ask questions. bernie isn't really winning by the way. this isn't actually happening and if you think it is actually happening, you are a success. it has had to take two steps back. this is what it looks like when they lose grip on power. it is over for them and they can smell it. no more contracts, no more
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parties. they don't know what's coming next, but they know it is not good and they are terrified. they have reason to be terrified by the way. so reflectively they tell lies that are so implausible that they are counterproductive. in the final hours they are baghdad bob claiming it's not happening. democratic party leadership praying for somebody, anybody to sweep in and save them from the revolutionaries to pick them out of their jobs. unfortunately, they are out of candidates a at this point. elizabetelizabeth warren got a e case of folk virus and god knows where she is at this hour. pete buttigieg is a human head talk, please. mike bloomberg is trying to buy the race on a platform that doesn't have an actual constituency. amy klobuchar eats salad with a comb. joe biden can't remember what he is running for. it is obvious none of these people can beat bernie sanders in the end for the simple reason bernie sanders may be scary and he deftly is scary, but he knows exactly what he believes and he sang it out loud. if recent history is any guide, candidates like that get the
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nomination in the end. a supporter and supreme court clerk, you are watching and an actual msnbc viewer, unlike me. something we can't take back. sorry about that just a guess. but you are watching this barrage, super clear i'm very concerned about bernie running the country, very concerned. i can't help but notice that there seems to be inverse reaction to this. the entire news media on the left piling on bernie sanders the dnc, and voters responding by voting for bernie sanders. am i making this up in my mind? >> no, you are not pure the problem they are sort of boxed into my bernie has a theory why that happens. look, the corporate media is against us for a reason. we have a vision of the country that will not be operated this sort of all the guards that own these places so of course they will be against us. they will run against medicare for all and primary debates. when people see it happens, they
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think he is onto something and understands how the world works. i like him. a very tough line to get out of because the more they criticize him he proves the point. and beggar belief, yeah, bernie sanders. i think he might be right about you guys. >> bret: to >> tucker: that is kind of it if you live in washington and new york you get the impression everyone on the left is hyper woke and only intd in and who is a sexist and who is a racist. bernie is the least woke as a candidate them up attacked him using identity politics. you are a sexist, they don't criticize identity policy but his morality and it backfires. could that be a sign most voters, democratic voters don't buy the woke stuff? >> i think what it signifies is that there is a good answer to sort of like narrow eyed unitarian fields to turn the working class against each other. that is what they are trying to do. you have a big coalition that needs to be divided. you have to pick out individual identity characteristics and set them against each other. you can see race,, all sorts of
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things. bernie gives credit the coalitional politics the first we get together based on common interest and then we can solve all of the problems with sexist individualism. and worker's. that is very powerful. as we see, it is not working to divide up the coalition because bernie is to his credit will not yield off of that stuff and they don't apologize how they approach these things. people like that. >> tucker: anything other than dividing the race? that cannot be fixed. that is a disaster. i think that is a big improvement over elizabeth warren is trying. i will say that. great to see you. thank you for that. nice to see you. bill hemmer anchors "bill hemmer reports" every day and he's in new hampshire right now. we go to him for the latest data and analysis of the race, hey, bill. >> hey, tucker good evening to you. 10%, 11% reporting across the state of new hampshire. pretty good race for second place. i will take you through a couple of counties here to try to give you a focus as to what we can
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expect the coming hour or perhaps me on that. sanders comes in the lead 28% from a battle second-place buttigieg and klobuchar. this greene county represents ba but really, tucker a bed of misnomer because very few votes, six, four, 34 andrew yang who rather dropped out. ignore that part of the board for a moment. keep your focus on the bottom half of the state, this is where most of the votes come in. rocking ham county but what i find interesting developing right now, good battle for second place, sanders which seems to be a comfortable lead about 4% or 5% at the moment. elizabeth warren ran this county hard for him from the neighboring state of massachusetts in the south. folks and rocking ham county get their news and the boston area. elizabeth warren is not showing up in this county at this point tonight and perhaps the rest of the night if you listen coming throughout the course of the state. bernie sanders here on the
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western side of vermont, sorry, the state of new hampshire, sorry. this is vermont here on the other side of the connecticut river valley. bernie sanders ran up the numbers four years ago with hillary clinton. pop down here to chester county. you have 1300 sanders, buttigieg a thousand, klobuchar 800. you have a big fat to pile of those coming from the state. but this is one of the areas sanders feels the strongest. i know you have breaking news. i will give it back to you and we will come back. >> tucker: bill hemmer, thank you so much. we do have fox news alert come andrew yang dropping out and we will go to him live. >> in this campaign and every turn, make your passion and energy, your donations and hundreds of thousands of hours calling, volunteering, your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. we have accomplished so much together.
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[cheers and applause] we have brought a message of humanity first and a vision of an economy and society that works for us and our families to millions of our fellow americans. [cheers and applause] we went from a mailing list that started with my gmail contact list. don't act to receiving donations of over 400,000 people around the country and millions more wo supported this campaign. [cheers and applause] one of the things i'm most proud of, we gave $1,000 a month to 13 families around the country. [cheers and applause] including jody right here in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] we highlighted the real problems in our communities as our economy is being transformed before our very eyes by technology and automation. americans know now that when you
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go to a factory in michigan, you ddo not find wall-to-wall immigrants doing work. you find wall-to-wall robot arms and machines doing the work that people used to do. we stood on the debate stage and shifted our national conversation to include the fourth industrial revolution, a topic no one wanted to touch until we made it happen here with this campaign. [cheers and applause] our signature proposal, universal basic income, has become part of the mainstream conversation. [cheers and applause] we increase the popular support for universal basic income to 66% of democrats. [cheers and applause] and 72% among voters 18-34. [cheers and applause]
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without a doubt, we accelerated the eradication of poverty in our society by years, even generations. and thanks to all of you -- >> andrew yang dropping out and two things you can say about andrew yang and his views. good guy personally and a serious person. talking about things that actually matter and will matter 20 years from now unlike so many running. he is out tonight. one candidate certainly not dropping out is bernie sanders. in fact, he's in the late right now with the first primary of the season. we go to his campaign headquarters right now where our friend, peter doocy is standing by, hey, peter. >> tucker right around the top of the hour there was a times square new year's eve style countdown 10-9-8-7 all the way down to 1. the polls would close and as soon as the first results on the coverage of what is happening locally on a big screen here, there was great applause. i have seen staffers walking
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around high-fiving each other already, but there has not been any sign of the candidate here at the fieldhouse on the campus of southern new hampshire university. in manchester where even on a college campus, the people are not all college students. it is live people of all ages, but all very excited. something unique about bernie sanders compared to some of the other candidates come a lot of the campaign swag that we see our garments were signs about specific policy proposals. again, they love that bernie has been so consistent for so much of his career about the things he really wants. tuition free college, medicare for all, and legal pot in all 50 states, tucker. >> tucker: legal pot in all 50 states. thanks so much, peter doocy, great to see you. mayor pete buttigieg won the iowa caucuses assuming you can figure out what the results are and think they are real. at this point, why would you?
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if buttigieg wants to prove he's a real threat to bernie sanders and michael bloomberg come he has to do well in new hampshire. and it looks like he is so far by the numbers that we have at this hour. matt finn is with the buddha buttigieg campaign and joins us tonight. hey, matt. >> hey, tucker, buttigieg supporters have packed into this jam and sporadically cheering on slicing buttigieg in second place. mayor pete began his day at 6:00 at a polling center in manchester. we caught up in a short time later in oshawa and he said he was feeling fantastic. mayor peet's campaign crisscrossed the state the past couple of days. in these final moments his campaign trying to convince voters that he is down the middle choice, that bernie sanders is too extreme and calling for a revolution. and that buttigieg's out their opponents are status quo. here in new hampshire come it is
5:20 pm
clear mayor pete has momentum. he's been pulling in large crowds and supporters doing the usual chant, president pete and the buttigieg the campaigns humor attempt to get supporters to correctly pronounce his last name. we expect to eventually see him here at his campaign election party and just a short while, tucker. >> tucker: matt finn, thanks a lot, man. so joe biden was supposed to be sweeping the field as recently as last month. they were telling you that. the numbers we have so far suggest he is currently in fifth place in new hampshire. so he's not even in new hampshire anymore. he laughed and shut it off to south carolina and planning to speak there soon. and in columbia, south carolina, tonight. >> good evening, tucker. we are just about an hour away from joe biden's appearance at his launch party in south carolina.
5:21 pm
and people are starting to trickle in. as they are waiting for the former vice president's appearance as well as the congressman from louisiana. now, the critical african-american voter is important in south carolina. joe biden's campaign, specially crucial after his shockingly low results from the iowa caucuses. he is now in south carolina hoping to gain that momentum within the african-american community. according to a recent local poll and south carolina democrat candidates actually gaining that momentum potentially taking eight chunk of the voters away from joe biden campaign potentially jeopardizing his grip and south carolina as the weeks and days are numbered in the south primary. coming up soon, joe biden's campaign crucially in crunch time here in columbia. we will see how that pans out tonight as he speaks tonight around 9:00, tucker. >> tucker: thank you so much. biden's campaign will likely
5:22 pm
brush off new hampshire as a small, cold early primary state and relevant. but it wasn't long ago, three months ago actually, biden was addicting he would win big in new hampshire, watch. >> i plan on trying to win new hampshire. i'm not here to come in second. i never enter anything to come in second. i am the clear front runner party and ahead of the national average poles by 7%, 8%. new hampshire and iowa are reporting and i plan on winning new hampshire. >> lets go go knock on doors. [applause] >> tucker: man come every four years we want the same thing. national polls mean nothing and if you want to be a winner you have to win things. he may struggle to win and the support is among the democratic voters as weeks ago the quinney expo 52% among african-americans and now almost half that number have defected. the new quinnipiac poll by 27% support. the biggest beneficiary michael bloomberg.
5:23 pm
what the heck is going on, an attorney joins us tonight, robert, thank you for coming on. what do you think happened here with joe biden? >> you have confluence of event one, the early primary states heavily weighted towards bernie sanders. so let's understand he did very well in iowa for years ago. he swept new hampshire four years ago and did graphically new hampshire director between vermont and bernie sanders with massachusetts where elizabeth warren is from. joe biden will struggle there. also, we so michael bloomberg showed up with a bag of unlimited money. michael bloomberg ran super bowl ads targeted at african-american voters. he has been canvassing throughout the south, talent and politics with local level all the way down to the county level of organizers. so one thing that benefits biden is bloomberg is not on the ballot in the south carolina. and i think biden strategy of putting all of the eggs in the a comeaux winning nevada and
5:24 pm
racking up on super tuesday hols true. if you look at him right now buttigieg has nowhere to go after new hampshire. bernie really doesn't have a path to victory after new hampshire. it really is whether or not referendum or whether or not right and can hold together his face and whether or not he continues to give bad meat. the clear loser of the impeachment saga was joe biden because of hyperbole about hunter biden and ukraine. it has been biden negatives and biden has to do a lot to build that back up. >> tucker: that is a perceptive point, i agree with you, but you could have seen that coming. democrats brought the democratic leadership brought impeachment charges against the president that central to round the behavior joe biden's son. joe biden and the obama administration on ukraine. we can argue who did what but there was no doubt that it would put biden and his sons behavior at center court. that can't help. they knew that, but they did it to him anyway. why did they do that? >> i think this is why when i
5:25 pm
hear people say, electoral strategy by democrats or heart of a witch hunt to get tromped, clearly, there was no positive to come out of impeachment electorally. if you look at what happened to democrats after the nixon almost impeachment in 1974, they won in '76 and did not win again until 1972. impeachment 1998 with clinton, only the popular vote 2004 but did not win popular vote in any national election since 1998 except for two. so to the associate with impeachment having joe biden has to go on a speaking tour. a blitz to make sure that americans remember what they like about joe biden. that has been drowned out in recent months. >> tucker: those are really interesting points. i'm not sure i agree but i think it is smarter and i will think about it. robert, thank you for tonight. time now for inclusive fox news analysis. we get the numbers but why do
5:26 pm
people vote the way they did? shannon bream is drilling into this and she joins us tonight, hake machine end. >> hey, tucker with poll -- polls closing, counting faster n iowa. who participated first of all the democratic primary today and how they voted. first up younger voters about a third of voters are under 45 as expected, sanders won this far ahead of buttigieg and warren. klobuchar come over the top with 65 getting a quarter followed by buttigieg and sanders for biden. 4-10 as liberal and warren got support but sanders come again with this group. political moderates on the other hand make up slightly more than half of the voters. buttigieg did well there followed by klobuchar and then sanders but again not good news for biden. about a third did not decide until after the iowa caucuses and the most recent debate on who they would support.
5:27 pm
both buttigieg and klobuchar benefited from the folks called late deciders. what we have now a lot more news coming and fox news analysis all night and we will keep you updated, tucker. >> tucker: shannon bream, thank you so much for that. so pete buttigieg won the iowa caucuses or at least that is what he is telling you. can he win in new hampshire and become the second robot american after the after the iowa caucuses. ♪ dad, we need to talk about something important. you don't need to go anywhere dad, this is your home. the best home to be in is your own. home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal.
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♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert pair of the polls are closed and the state of new hampshire the first primary of the season. the results are coming in now. and of course, important for every candidate still in the race come it is no one watching the outcome is more concerned about it then backers of senator elizabeth warren. she is actually speaking to supporters right now. she is not saying anything significant but of course we will go there. kristin fisher is at the room worn, and she joins us, good to see you. >> hey, tucker good to see you come elizabeth warren surprised everyone here the press and supporters by walking off stage very early in the evening, kind of taking a page out of mayor pete from iowa and this airtime before the mayor p and bernie sanders and amy klobuchar step up to the microphone this evening. and the first thing elizabeth warren said when she got on the stage was she said,
5:33 pm
"it is very clear mayor pete buttigieg and bernie sanders have strong nights." she congratulated them and she also congratulated senator amy klobuchar. she said that she congratulated klobuchar and said for showing the abundance how wrong they can be. and have some sort of line about saying the pundits can be wrong for telling women how to speak. the other thing that senator warren is trying to hit home, she said, it is clear that democrats could be in for a long contract and fight all the way to the democratic national convention this summer. she says, she is very worried about that. there is two ways this can go, we can either come together as a party which is what she has been pushing for where she said, we can remain divided, which is what democrats have been doing over the last few days. she said she is very worried about that. but tucker, not the night senator elizabeth warren wanted to have but not surprising with the polls heading into tonight,
5:34 pm
tucker. >> tucker: kristin fisher, thank you. from the beginning sidebar pete buttigieg has enjoyed the backing of democratic party mega-donors but wall street has a downside. people notice and some of them might call you wall street heat as they did last weekend in manchester. >> >> because we are for higher wages and the empowerment of workers. we are for honoring our troops by putting an end to endless war. >> tucker: the host of the daily briefing, cohost of "the five" a waste happy to hear have you, dana. what is interesting about buttigieg, he is running a lot and a lot of what he says it's about his personal life. his sexual orientation. a lot of people on tv thought that would be a major issue. it turned out to be no issue at all. the issue has turned out to be the years he spent working for
5:35 pm
mckenzie and his ties to wall street. that is controversial among democrats. are you surprised? >> he has also talked a lot about his faith as well. he has also tried to make himself and to being the obama inheritor of the obama coalition. i don't know if he will be able to do that because as you played in that clip, there is still a lot of resentment among democrats because he is, had worked for mckenzie which is a big financial firm may pick management firm and ties to wall street. and he has raised money from billionaires, which as bernie sanders has pointed out you should not do in a democratic primary. i think there is still a lot of resentment about him however he has that win and iowa and something to be said about winning. you look at joe biden with a disastrous finish even worse than iowa. so biden was the front runner in name only. now you have buttigieg at least be able to get within a close range to bernie sanders. and i think he will feel some
5:36 pm
momentum. i don't know if that carries into south carolina though. that is two weeks from now and if at a caucus maybe not so much peer they have to show they can win in a diverse state if they really want to be the nominee. >> tucker: you made an interesting point what matters if you want to win is win. the idea that you can sort of skip the first three contests and do well in the 4th of may has that ever worked for anybody ever? >> it has not. and so i think for joe biden, you feel like there is a feeling that people are sad, like, sorry that this is happening. a really, really nice guy. the fact that they left early today from new hampshire gave the media six hours to run with the story that he was skipping town come even though it made sense for him to go on to south carolina and ready-made answer of, or you going to quit tonight? he will not quit tonight and i think you will try to make it to south carolina but you will run out of money quickly. >> tucker: let me add for viewers, michael bennet the
5:37 pm
united states senator running for president no longer is. he'd dropped out. so i wanted to say that. speak with us and i don't like senator from colorado. >> tucker: senator from colorado and you've been around politics and work in it for so long, biden and new hampshire did not do well but did have a lot of supporters. he had some actual people working for him volunteering their time for free. he didn't stick around to kind of thank them but just left. that struck me as very rude. >> well, no, i actually think the people that are loyal and volunteering for him, but they would have understand that. they knew they wouldn't be able to make it so he goes to south carolina where that is his firewall. and i think the people who love joe biden, they love him, but what happened in the last four days, the people voting for amy klobuchar and if you look at the voter analysis, they chose very late. she had a good debate and came in here so she will probably come in third tonight and probably try to turn that into something as well. >> tucker: i will say because i can't get over the point
5:38 pm
george w. bush i don't know if you work for him in 2,000, he got creamed and 2019 points by john mccain. i was there. it was painful for him. and whatever anybody says about george w. bush, he stayed and thanked everybody. i thought that was a real interesting thing to do. >> he won in iowa and lost in new hampshire. the story that i've been told, he gathered everybody that night and he said, "this is on me and nobody will blame each other, don't point fingers at each other." the biden campaign, people who work on the campaign talking to the media on background saying, well if they had only done it that way i suggested work you didn't do this. the finger-pointing is really bad. but the race is narrowing. andrew yang and bennett dropped out tonight and i think you will see more of this before south carolina in two weeks. >> tucker: no, i think you are totally right. dana, great to see you, thank you for that. >> great to see you, thanks. >> tucker: it is down to the wire for senator warren the locust person ever to run for
5:39 pm
president. when will she start winning? also amy klobuchar making a late surge in the race. she is ahead of warren at number headquarters just ahead. ♪
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♪ >> prompt justice department that abandons the rule of law to give sweetheart deals to criminals who commit their crimes on behalf of donald trump. and yes, roger stone, i am talking about you. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: that is elizabeth warren failing and better in new hampshire and so many on the left howling for roger stone to die in prison
5:44 pm
purity 67-year-old man with no criminal record caught up in the russia hoax, force. caught up in an investigation that proved to be fruitless. he's looking at nine years behind bars. do you know what the average does in this country? we check today, four years, the average on armed robbers questioning three years in the average thug who saw us hold someone for less than a year and a half. but the left cn mike cnn demand that roger stone ties in prison. this man needs a partner. we will have a lot more on that story tomorrow night. but first, one of the reasons elizabeth warren is so mad amy klobuchar stomped her in new hampshire. so we will go over to klobuchar's head campaign quarters and ellison barber is standing by. listen, good to see you tonight. >> hey, tucker if you are wondering how the klobuchar campaign is feeling tonight the fact her campaign announced a
5:45 pm
seven-figure add by starting to error tomorrow in las vegas and reno market. they are looking ahead once the campaign official to earlier tonight. do not underestimate amy klobuchar at your own peril. a part of her pitches she believes the candidate to reach out to independent republicans and democrats, not only in big cities, but also in rule areas and also the suburbs. she likes to say she has the seeds to prove she can do it. she did very well across the state and her last election in 2018 when she ran for reelection in the u.s. senate. and won 60% of the vote in that state. she is kind of, you know, doing a lot better than maybe some people initially thought. when i speak to a lot of her supporters, they say two things. they feel like one, new hampshire is a state with a lot of independent voters, and they feel like this was the claimant right for people to be more open to giving different people a look into the last
5:46 pm
minute. when i talk to her supporters with her at the headquarters tonight or the polling locations earlier today, one thing i consistently hear, they say they were maybe a little bit on the fence. they liked klobuchar but they were not sold on her until they saw the debate. a lot of people i spoke to throughout the day say for klobuchar, she earned their vote when they saw her in the debate here in new hampshire. tucker. >> tucker: ellison, thank you for that. a final race call in a minute, but as of now, it looks like amy klobuchar coming in third place which is considered a huge win in washington. it is a critical night for elizabeth warren pure new hampshire borders her home state of massachusetts and they share the media market for a lot of the state. new hampshire is full of white liberals who were her entire base so she can't win or compete new hampshire come is there any reason to think she can win anywhere or even stay in the race other than for reasons of vanity? that is a question tammy bruce
5:47 pm
host of "get tammy bruce on fox nation at," he cometh to me. >> hey, tucker. >> tucker: elizabeth warren at some point we will think deeply about what happen because she seemed to me to be the likely nomination and now a new mes but at this point without all the data and, what you make of what happened? >> what is interesting and with clover charter is the democrats in general have convinced their pay so much to think about identity politics. and there is a problem with that, of course. if you are going to be thinking about identity as opposed to where someone stands on the issues or if they are a leader or not, you will kind of automatically fall into gender stereotype. in a way they condemn women from being able to move forward because they are not asking women to be leaders or have ideas that connects to be implemented. and that was her main problem, warren, this ridiculous medicare for all, $52 trillion, trying
5:48 pm
desperately to move within an issue framework. and it doesn't work, it doesn't work for socialist in general. so you've got this framework where voters are looking at women, ironically, democratic voters, wondering if they can do it because you are looking at identity issues as opposed to being able to see them in any other kind of framework. klobuchar is an interesting revelation she will spend money in nevada. you know, she seems to be skipping south carolina. and it is because her issue with african-americans is as bad as it is for pete buttigieg. and this is the party that talks about wanting to win the popular vote, but they have not been able to reach people of color. so this is, they have no real 50 state strategy. neither one of these women have, certainly not warren. there is no real money. they are kind of on a wing and a prayer. this is the problem with the democrats in general. but especially for women. you are not going to be able to win just like hillary by moving along and sing i am a woman so
5:49 pm
that way entitles me. if you don't vote for me you are a sexist. >> even klobuchar has grabbed onto that a little bit. i think that ultimately will hurt her. it is this bitter, angry approach about what they deserve and what they don't. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right. speaking of women come i don't think any women has been treated more harshly than tulsi gabbard because she did not want to go to first born in syria. she just tweeted and i don't know the numbers but no matter what they are, she is staying in the race. >> good for her. >> tucker: to me, it was great to see you. no matter who wins tonight the most radical democrats ever to win the new hampshire primary will go to the policy virtually everyone in the race is still endorsing. and it is worth paying attention to what they are. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ 's >> tucker: fox news alert new hampshire primary expected to call soon. we don't have it yet. but no matter who wins the field in the race overall the most progressive in the history of the democratic party come even people running as moderates have positions implemented changes the country quite a bit and unrecognizable to previous generations to democrats. senior fellow lisa boothe joins us for an explainer on that, hey, lisa. >> hey, tucker. >> tucker: so this -- would a democrat for 1998 parachuted in and respect of the policy platforms of the candidates come i think that
5:55 pm
person would be very confused. >> yeah, i mean probably freak out the democratic party of today. i mean, think about it tucker, the front runner of the democratic party as a socialist. something like medicare for all even in 2016 election was an extreme policy position. now, it is mainstream and part of the democratic party. even the moderates and the party, you look at someone like mayor pete who was on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace, call link or decriminalizing things like meth and heroin. watch this. >> possession should not be dealt with during incarceration. >> possession of heroin is not illegal? >> is not going to be dealt with through incarceration. >> so i mean, that is a moderate in the party. then you go back to june. and you have ten democrats on the stage raise their hands, legal and product grants should receive health care. people like elizabeth warren who
5:56 pm
has endorsed reparations and someone like pete buttigieg who says we need to financially compensate people who came here illegally. these are some of the policy positions being espoused by the left. >> tucker: it will be interesting to see what general election voters think about that. to me, thank you for that. >> real quick on the outcome even if you have someone like bernie sanders who wins the nomination could democratic party will get behind them and the media will sing his tune. they will push his propaganda and talk about elitism and how capitalism is bad. that might change and something to be concerned about. >> tucker: i'm not convinced that will happen but it might. they tend to be very obedient. >> i hope you are right and i hope i am wrong. >> tucker: tom steyer just dropped out. that is something you didn't expect. was he really in is the metaphysical question but he is no longer in officially. tom steyer is out of the race. well matt, lisa boothe, great to see you.
5:57 pm
so congressman john delaney,
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> the polls are closed andpourr left extreme socialist bernie sanders is now in the lead, beginning this our 9:00 ie east, 6:0 6:00 on the west coas. you should be able to call this race hopefully within this hour, the democratic party though, they are in full, complete panic mode tonight, one time front runner quid pro quo joe biden is looking like he might be headed for what would be a pathetic and disastrous for him third place finish.


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